Actively monitor key environmental metrics exactly where it is needed.

Critcal Environment Monitoring System

C.E.M.S. actively monitors key environmental metrics to keep your process, patients, equipment, and reputation safe.

C.E.M.S. operates independently from existing environmental monitoring and Building Management Systems. C.E.M.S. is deployed specifically to monitor potential environmental changes caused by invasive construction and renovation events. The system provides critical environmental monitoring exactly where it’s needed.

Cloud-Based Data Monitoring Platform

Cloud-Based Data Monitoring Platform

C.E.M.S. can generate text message or email alarms based on thresholds you set. Your key personnel are alerted in real-time when damaging environmental conditions exist so you can react to minimize damage. And even when conditions aren’t dangerous, you can rest easy knowing key environmental metrics are being monitored and logged for audit purposes.

CEMS Protection

Actively and Continuously Monitors:

  • Airborne Particle Counts
  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Differential Pressure
  • Vibration
CEMS Dashboard

Easy Set-up:

  • Table top, tri-pod, or wall-mount installation
  • Standard 110v AC power
  • WAN access via Ethernet or Cellular connections

Simple User Interface:

  • Monitoring and storage account included
  • Login from anywhere via the internet
  • Text and email threshold alarms to multiple users

If your facility is near or under construction, you need C.E.M.S.!

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