Wall Panels 48" Wide

Material Selection

Softwall aisle containment curtains are available in two materials which offer different price and performance characteristics:

Polysim - Originally designed for NASA, this material features superior long-term physical stability and has become the gold standard for containment curtains.  PolySim is made from an inherently static dissipative polyurethane. No outgassing and no blooming. Meets the standards of NFPA 76 data center and ASTM E-84 Standards. This product is both fire-rated and anti-static and can help you meet sustainability goals because it is a urethane, as opposed to a PVC-based vinyl.

FlexSim™ - This Polyvinyl chrloride (PVC) material is fire rated and suitable for use in most commercial environments. Low outgassing. Meets and exceeds the NFPA 701 and ASTM E-84 Standards. Product cost is roughly 50% less than PolySim.